Production Description

The sleeve is made of sturdy, seamless elasticized fabric which provides radiant feeling mild compression and improves healing. Elastic wrap in figure of eight improves ankle stability.
Hook loop closures ensure controlled compression and hardship support. Double exploit design helps in prevention of inversion or allergic reaction injuries.

Things know about orthopedics

Orthopedic conditions are the most common excuse people try medical care, although not every share of harmonious to along plus behind an orthopedic condition is seen by an orthopedic specialist.

The Greek word 'ortho' means straight and 'pedics' comes from the word 'pais' meaning child. For many centuries, orthopedists have been functioning in the treatment of crippled children. One of conditions orthopedists have treated for centuries is scoliosis in children.

It takes just greater than a decade of schooling and training after educational to become an orthopedic surgeon. Becoming an orthopedic specialist takes a tiny grow earliest. But even after a decade of training, many surgeons supplementary sub-specialize within orthopedics.

Features Items


Thumb Spika Splint

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Taylor Brace

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Pouch Arm Sling

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Wrist & Forearm Splint

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Shoulder Immobiliser

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Hard Cervical Collar

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Knee Cap Premium

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Universal Shoulder Immobiliser

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Cervical Collar

Cervical Firm Density

Hard Cervical Collar

Cervical Pillow

Shoulder Immobilizer



Shoulder Immobiliser With Cap

Heat Pad

Leg Traction

Palvic Traction Set

Lumber Support Cushion

Compression Stocking (Below Knee)

Compression Stocking (Mid Thigh)

Elbow Support

Tennis Elbow Support

Wrist And Forearm Support

Wrist Wrap